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   Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

Safety is always important whatever vehicle you’re driving, but if you are a motorcycle rider you will face additional dangers. Bike riders have their own hazards to face. Car drivers are at risk from their own careless driving as well as that of other people, but they are cocooned in a protective metal casing.
Motorbike riders don’t have this protection, and should bear in mind that they are especially vulnerable to the car driver’s blind spots and some drivers just don’t consider motorcycles. People open doors when you’re approaching them, they fail to allow you enough space when you’re indicating right and some car drivers think of you as a nuisance rather than as another road user. But you should not react badly as any anger can cloud your judgement.

This is partly why the criteria for motorcycle riders is so stringent. As soon as you’ve passed your bike test you are ‘on probation’ for two years as you become accustomed to your bike. If you pick up six points on your driving license during this time you will become a learner again and will need to re-apply for your provisional license. You will have to take both practical and theory tests again and start as a beginner.

The thing you must bear in mind once you’re on the road is that just to survive you have to be better than all the car drivers around you. The Government’s current Think! Campaign highlights these points for motorbike riders. You need to anticipate what motorists are about to do, you must always be alert and observant , you must ride at a speed that enables you to slow down in advance of any trouble, watch your position; the middle of the lane is the best place as car drivers are more likely to see you and give you room, always watch for potential hazards while overtaking and check for hazards over your shoulder before manoeuvring.

Your helmet colour is very important and with bright colours you will be seen. The safest motorcycle clothing will carry the CE mark and it needs to be fluorescent during the day and reflective at night to give you the best chance of being seen. Weatherproofing also isn’t just for comfort it’s an aid to your concentration.

You are also vulnerable to thieves. Thatcham approved padlocks and chains will help secure your bike and also be visible to would-be thieves.

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