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   Motorcycle Insurance FAQ's

Motorcycle Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have More Than One Motorcycle on my Insurance Policy?

You can usually insure more than one motorcycle through your insurance company. But you need to take out motorcycle insurance for every bike. On some policies you can name up to four riders on each policy. But check your motorcycle insurance schedule for any excesses which may currently apply.

What Does “Excess” Mean?

Excess is an amount of money that you may pay when making an insurance claim but if the claim was not your fault, you can recover the excess from the party at fault. Any excesses which apply to you are displayed on your motorcycle insurance policy.

Will I Have to report any Car Accidents when Applying for a Motorcycle Quotation?

Car accidents are usually considered separat from your motorcycle cover, and normally do not affect your bike insurance. But insurance companies do need to know about any motoring convictions.

What Do I Do If I Have An Accident?

If you take out comprehensive motorcycle insurance your company can usually arrange for your bike to be recovered, and you and your passengers taken home or to your destination. You will not have to worry about estimates. If your bike needs repairing, insurance companies now instruct their own approved repairers. Any payments and repairs are carried out directly with the insurance companies’ repairers. If you have third party fire and theft insurance you are covered for third party liability.

Can Security Devices Help to Reduce My Motorcycle Insurance Premium?

Some manufacturers fit devices at the time your bike was produced. You can check this by contacting your manufacturer for an approved certificate.

Am I Covered for Riding My Motorcycle Abroad?

With most motorcycle insurance policies you are covered to ride in any European Union country, to the minimum level of insurance required (this is usually the equivalent of United Kingdom third party only). You can usually upgrade your insurance cover to match your UK cover when you are driving abroad. You can usually select European Breakdown which includes Breakdown cover and Emergency service.

Are my Leathers and Helmet Covered in an Insurance policy?

Most insurers cannot cover your helmet and protective clothing but your house insurance may cover these.

If I leave My Keys in the Motorcycle Am I Still Covered?

If you happen to leave your keys in or on your bike and it is stolen, your motorcycle will not be covered. Remember to always to take your keys with you or make sure that someone stays with the motorcycle or it might be an expensive couple of minutes!

When I Ride to Work Do I need to be Insured for "Business Use"?

Under most motorcycle insurance policies you can ride your bike to and from work using social, domestic and commuting cover. If you need to use your bike to visit any other sites of business you can increase your insurance cover. But some insurance companies will not cover any goods or samples carried in connection with business use for example delivery or courier services.

Can I ride My Friends Motorcycle Under My Own Insurance?

Driving Other Motorcycle is an extension that has allowed Policyholders only to ride other motorcycles that do not belong to them and are not hired to them under a hire purchase agreement, this is subject to the owner's permission. The insurance cover provided is only Third Party and does not cover damage to the bike they are riding, but it does cover liability for damage and injury to third parties. This cover usually operates only while the Policyholder is riding and was originally designed to be used in an emergency.Many riders do not understand the extent of this insurance cover and many are utilising it without understanding the true cover this extension provides. Some insurance companies have now removed the extension from their insurance.So you and any named riders are only insured to ride bikes clearly identified on either your Certificate of Motor Insurance or your Insurance Schedule, which should be kept with your Certificate. If you do need to add an additional motorcycle or an additional rider to your motorcycle insurance you can contact you insurer and they can normally arrange for the motorcycle or rider to be added to your insurance. This is subject to normal restrictions and your insurer will then send you an amended insurance schedule showing the additional motorcycle or rider.

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